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Letter from Junior



Our history started around 1850 with Mollie Watson.  She was blessed with a son Gilbert in 1873.  As he grew into a young man, he married Parthenia Alston on November 15, 1899.  He was a farmer and proud father of two sons, Sanders and Kemp.  They grew up in Warren County around Serepta, Frank Chapel, Lovely Hill, and Little Lion churches.  These churches are located at the crossroads of four townships: Liherica, Shaeco Ivey, Warrenton and Norlina. 


Kemp was born around 1900 and died 1964.  He married Ruth Bell Davis on December 19, 1919.  Kemp and Ruth had three daughters: Elizabeth, Lola Jeanene, and Ruth Mea. They also had seven sons: Chester, Willie, Kemp, Lindsay, Gilbert, Edgar, and Rufus.  Kemp moved to the town of Woods, in Franklin County, North Carolina to be a sharecropper with Charlie Denton.  Kemp also worked with Evans Lumber Company in Nashville, North Carolina around 1947-1948 making upwards of $25.00 per forty hour workweek. 


A mortgage from Citizen Bank of Warrenton showed that two cows and a white-faced Hereford and a black milk cow got some of the desires of their hearts.  A $10.00 sale receipt for a 1941 Ford in 1953 shows us that God did provide for his family.  In her letters to her husband, Ruth reminded Kemp to pay the mortgage.  As their health began to fail, they both moved away with family and children.  Living in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and later back to North Carolina.  The house that they built has been replaced with the home of Kemp Jr. and his children.  However, if you listen close you can still hear the marble games under the big tree. 


Sanders was born in 1904 and later married Tinnie Williams in 1932.  They shared a home with nine children:  Elizabeth, Maggie, Bertha, Irene, Phil, Sanders Jr., Richard, Thomas, and Albert.  He joined Serepta Baptist Church early in life where he was a life-long, faithful member, chairman of the Deacon board, and treasurer of the church.  He moved to Franklin County early on where the family home still remains.


-Pattie Ruth Watson Maynard




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