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Reunion 2012 Video




Video recorded by and courteous of Damien S. Nelson



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"Yadkin Valley Wine tours"

All day wine tour to the Swan Creek AVA 

 Laurel Gray – 11 am arrival with tasting and vineyard tour

Shadow springs – 12:30 arrival with tasting

Buck shoals vineyard ---tasting and winery tour

Dobbins Creek – tasting

Lunch would be at Shadow springs with attached menu

Dinner would be afterwards  --- Raylen vineyards --- tasting and dinner

 Pricing components

 All day wine tour without tasting fees = $83 a person

Dinner at Raylen Winery = $25 a person  == tasting included?

Dinner would be catered and we can create a menu

 And take people to winery at 5:30 6:15 and 6:45

 And bring back on staggered basis as well





Hampton Inn-Bermuda Run Advance

196 NC Hwy 801 N

Advance, NC 27006

336-998-3480       fax 336-998-3489



March 6, 2020


Dear Watson:


Your group is now bookable by calling the hotel, or providing the group code of WFR to the appropriate area of the reservation screen when prompted at 


Your room selections and dates are:  available August 10, 2012 through August 12, 2012


20  2-Queen Beds                                      $85.00 per night

5 King Beds                                               $85.00 per night


If guests are booking online


 1.  Go to:


 2.   Next, select Advance, NC.  Then enter your reservation dates.  The group code will work with any set of days from 08/09/12 through 08/12/12 as discussed.


 3.   Click view rates.  Scroll to the enter group code portion of screen along left hand side.  Once you enter the code, your guests will see their choice of room types at the negotiated rate.


 4.  Complete your reservation as normal.  That is all there is to it!


 5.  Your guests will receive a confirmation e-mail reminder from Hampton Inn at the time of booking, and another reminder as the arrival day gets closer.  We hope that they will enjoy their stay with us.


Please feel free to cut and paste the handy step by step instructions above and forward to your guests!  They can book their rooms on the web from home without spending time on the phone.


The drop off date for the event is:  July 20, 2012.  At that point, any unused rooms will return to the inventory in order for us to sell them.  If you do miss the deadline, and a guest still needs a room, and if they are still available, we will do our best to honor the original rate.


Thank you again for choosing the Hampton Inn Bermuda Run/Advance.






Anna Lowe    

Sales Manager



Please send comments/suggestions to Alfred Maynard at