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From: Michael Turner <>


Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 7:07 PM

Subject: FSK FAMILY RESORT - Reunion Contract


This is the agreement we came to the its two events that weekend she stated there is plenty of rooms to rent but i can't reserve 40 rooms but we can get them in groups of ten we buy ten rooms they give us ten more rooms DO NOT WAIT UNTIL JUNE PRICES WILL GO UP 270 A NIGHT its a two night stay you can stay friday-saturday or saturday-Sunday





From: Michael Turner <>

Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009

hey cousin went to maryland on friday looked at alot of places the one i wanted was sold out for the 8 of august but i found the best deal francis scott key family resort all we have to do is get there everything else is gold by far the most reasonable and affordable for the whole famliy 1 mile away from the beach have shuttle buses to take you to the beach and from the  beach for free indoor water park, gym, kids water park, putt-putt golf course, no banquet hall but have a out door picnic ground pavillon where we can have the reunion on saturday shopping malls across the street go-cart tracks everything you can possibly do on vacation web site




From: Pattie Clark <>

Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2009 5:50 PM

Subject: Watson Family Reunion Web Site 2009 Family reunion



As a follow to our conversation today 1/3/09 please add a link to the Watson Family reunion web site ( so the 2009 information can get out to as many as possible.
  Here is the start of the information:

Where: Maryland

When: August 7th thru August 9th 2009

Planner for 2009:  Michael Turner and others

Entertainment: Bring your best talent and let's do this like the ole time family reunions

Family Project: Information will be collected from as many as possible to start a family network.  The information collected will be your occupation (current and/or past), the state and city you currently live in, date of birth (month and date only), and hobbies. If you are currently retired or on disability we need to know that and what you use to do.  If you work out of your home as a full time mother (that is a job). This will help others in the family to reach out when they have a question or an interest similar to another family member. Also if you have a child or children in college what are they majoring in and what school are they attending.

We are working on adding value added information to our family reunion web site. Please send your ideas or thoughts to in the subject line note Watson Family reunion.


Pattie Maynard Clark



Please send comments/suggestions to Alfred Maynard at